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Thanks for taking a moment to visit. The Norman Surname Y-DNA Project was established in 2003 at External link. If you are a male with surname (last name) Norman, or any of its variant spellings, please consider joining the project.


This DNA project is offered as a forum for all Norman researchers to compare their traditional genealogical research to the results indicated by Y-DNA comparisons. Some research will be proven; perhaps some will be disproven. In some cases, disjointed branches will be linked, thus validating the need for future research. Whatever the results, I'm sure they will be rewarding and beneficial to the larger Norman research community, and will increase the genealogical body of knowledge.


Genetic genealogy is meant to complement—not replace—traditional genealogical research. To that end, one objective is to discover as many of the genetically distinct Norman lines that exist in the world today. Thus, for each Norman participant who joins the project, but doesn't match any other participants, a new line is identified. A second objective is to encourage as many participants to join the project. This will allow the related participants from each distinct line to share the results of their traditional research efforts, and help each other learn more about their own clan of Normans than any one of them might discover on their own. Genetic genealogy projects are most successful when participation is high.

Variant Spellings

The Norman surname (soundex code N655) has some variant spellings. Rest assured, all are welcome and encouraged to join. This list, in alphabetical order, contains as many variations of "Norman" as I could find. If you know of others, please send it in an email (select Contact Us in the Menu at left).

Soundex Surname Variants
N635: Nordman, Nordmand, Nordmann, Northman, Northmann, Nortman, Nortmann
N655: Noirmont, Normain, Normains, Norman, Normanby, Normancut, Normancutt, Normancy, Normanczyk, Normand, Normandale, Normande, Normandeau, Normandeaux, Normander, Normandia, Normandie, Normandier, Normandin, Normando, Normandt, Normandy, Normane, Normaneau, Normanley, Normanly, Normann, Normanne, Normannes, Normanni, Normanno, Normans, Normansall, Normansell, Normansen, Normanshaw, Normansill, Normanson, Normansson, Normant, Normantas, Normante, Normantey, Normantez, Normanton, Normantowicz, Normanville, Normaun, Normauner, Normaunt, Normen, Norment, Normenton, Norments, Normin, Normine, Normington, Norminton, Normon, Normond, Normont, Normonton, Norneman

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