Norman Surname Y-DNA Project

Join the Project !

Three Ways To Participate

  1. Provide your DNA for testing at Family Tree DNA (see Eligibility Requirements below)
  2. Donate money to assist others who can't afford a test (scroll down for more info)
  3. Recruit DNA testers and monetary contributors (scroll down for more info)

Eligibility Requirements

You must be a male with surname (last name) Norman. The reason for this is that the DNA test compares the Y chromosomes of the subjects, which is passed only along the male line (father to son). See Why Test DNA? for a more detailed explanation. If you still have questions, please contact the Project Administrator.

1. Test Your DNA

To have your DNA tested for the Norman Surname Y-DNA Project, please submit a join request External link at Family Tree DNA*. If you are meet the eligibiity requirements and are accepted into the project, the project administrator will email you instructions on how to order your test kit from Family Tree DNA*.


Your price is based on which of the available tests you choose (all prices reflect the group discount):

Test Name Description Price Avg. Cost
per Marker
Y-DNA12 Male 12 marker paternal test $49 $4.08
Y-DNA25 Male 25 marker paternal test $124 $4.96
Y-DNA37 Male 37 marker paternal test $149 $4.03
Y-DNA67 Male 67 marker paternal test $248 $3.70
Y-DNA111 Male 111 marker paternal test $339 $3.05
Upgrade prices for current participants:
Y-Refine12to25 Upgrade Y-DNA12 to Y-DNA25 $49 $3.77
Y-Refine12to37 Upgrade Y-DNA12 to Y-DNA37 $99 $3.96
Y-Refine12to67 Upgrade Y-DNA12 to Y-DNA67 $189 $3.44
Y-Refine25to37 Upgrade Y-DNA25 to Y-DNA37 $49 $4.08
Y-Refine25to67 Upgrade Y-DNA25 to Y-DNA67 $148 $3.52
Y-Refine37to67 Upgrade Y-DNA37 to Y-DNA67 $99 $3.30
Y-Refine37to111 Upgrade Y-DNA37 to Y-DNA111 $220 $2.97
Y-Refine67to111 Upgrade Y-DNA67 to Y-DNA111 $129 $2.93

The more markers that are tested, the better the estimate of how closely two people are related. For most, a 67-marker test is usually the highest fidelity needed for genealogical purposes. However, if you can only afford the 37-, 25-, or 12-marker test, you can upgrade to a higher fidelity test at a later date.

* Disclaimer

Our surname project is registered at Family Tree DNA External link. We have no financial interest in this project nor do we have any association with Family Tree DNA Company beyond using them as our testing lab. We are only interested, like others in this group, in furthering our genealogical research.

2. Donate Money

Another great way to help is by Contributing to the General Fund External link at Family Tree DNA. There you will find instructions on how to contribute money to this surname project, which will allow prospective members with limited means to participate. Be sure to select the project name correctly: NORMAN.

3. Recruit Others

If you are not eligible to have your DNA tested, perhaps you know someone who is. If so, please direct them to this site so they may join. Even if you don't know someone personally, if you know another reasearcher who may have eligible relatives, reach out and make them aware of the opportunity. Thanks!